New headrest for Jenx Bee Seating System

Jenx headrest
Jiraffe, UK distributor of innovative postural support and service products, has launched a new seating system headrest with improved occipital support for toddlers and babies.

The new headrest, for the Bee Seating System by Jenx, uses ‘fingers’ to act like hands, allowing the parent or carer to shape and contour the headrest to cradle the head in the right position for each user. It has been designed to create the most comfort for a child by supporting and protecting their head.

The headrest ensures improved occipital support specifically for younger children and babies with fewer links and a smaller frame. It also features a simple mounting system and has a removable, washable cover.

The Bee is a supported seating system with a range of fixed and height adjustable bases, along with a variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options. The Bee also has adjustable back angle and tilt in space options and can accommodate babies as small as four months right through to children of around five years.

Catherine Jenkins, Director at Jiraffe, said: "From feedback we received from parents and carers, we wanted to make the Bee headrest more applicable to children with a smaller head circumference – particularly babies and toddlers.

"The new design should mean that younger children using the Bee will have much improved occipital support with less head movement, which is absolutely critical for children who struggle to maintain proper head positioning.”

For more information on the Bee Headrest, go HERE