New GS1 Barcode Implementation package from Assistive Partner

Assistive PartnerDo you think you need to apply GS1 barcodes but don’t know where to start?

Within the last month Assistive Partner have helped several BHTA members who each have a manufacturing business implement GS1 barcoding.

The good news is these companies have easily implemented barcoding and it hasn’t taken long, it hasn’t cost much and it hasn’t been complicated.

The implementation package we have evolved is quite unique and draws on our extensive experience.

From this we have created a fixed fee process which includes a discovery site visit, consultation, detailed recommendation and implementation plan specific to each business.

"The process is simple and intuitive. When we pass over the personalised recommendation, you will find implementation and use is easy” said Julian Cobbledick. "We have proved step by step go-live is within the competence of everyday company personnel without further intervention or involvement of outside organisations”.

So who said going live with barcoding is time consuming and expensive? It need not be.
If you work with Assistive Partner and use our experience, most SME manufacturing companies can be barcoding their equipment to appropriate GS1 standards within 4 weeks of contacting us.

Very affordable, very swift and very simple.

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