New arm supports from Clos-o-Mat

Clos-o-mat ropox arms
Going to the toilet without help is becoming even easier with Clos-o-Mat’s introduction of new arm supports for its Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet.

The integrated slimline support arms provide close proximity support. Their elliptical shape gives an easy-to-hold profile means getting on and off the toilet is even easier. Their proximity to the toilet (only 465mm from side to side)- closer than that of any other fold-down arm supports- further helps toilet transfer.

An optional, clip-on raising pommel provides a little extra height support when manoeuvring if required, and an optional toilet roll holder ensures toilet tissue- if required- is in easy reach.

The integrated arms are longer than standard, and can be individually, independently raised and lowered to optimise access to, and transfer to and from, the toilet. As the arms are an integral part of the toilet, they are ideal for installations where the wall construction behind is not capable of load bearing.

The new arms are available as an alternative to Clos-o-Mat’s standard integrated fold-down support arms, and can be fitted on initial installation, or retro-fitted as the user’s needs change.

They are the latest addition to Clos-o-Mat’s comprehensive range of accessories for its Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet, all designed to optimise independence and dignity for disabled and elderly people when going to the toilet.

Since Clos-o-Mats were first introduced, over 40,000 have been sold, and can now be found in domestic and commercial environments across the country- there is even one on a narrowboat, and several on the Jubilee Trust’s tall ships!

The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, and its counterpart Lima Lift, are the only toilets of their kind manufactured in the UK, and supported by full, in-house, service and maintenance.

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