Mobile Lite Site option for prescription portal from Assistive Partner

Assistive Partner
LITE SITE - A hit with prescribers for referrals online

Assistive Partner has been at the forefront of using the internet for equipment management for some years now.

Prescribers have been able to use their UNIQUS Prescription Portal since 2007.

The company was the first to create a UNIQUS National Prescription Portal (launched in 2008) to facilitate retailers to dispense TCES prescriptions without any paper.

Now, another innovation, Assistive Partner’s UNIQUS Prescription Portal has a mobile "Lite-Site” option:

You may realise that many leading organisations now have mobile versions of their website. The BBC (for example) recognises if you are using a computer or a mobile device and directs you accordingly. The screen-fit changes and the options are different. It works quickly even with 3G.

That’s how the new UNIQUS Mobile Prescriber works. Just as secure, same website address, same passwords and user ID – just improved functionality to help people on the move.

So whether prescribers are searching catalogues, setting orders or simply reviewing client’s existing equipment, they can do it on the move, in the home and without going back to the office.

Managers use the same tools for authorisations as well now.

With over 8,000 prescribers in four countries using UNIQUS it’s no wonder comments like "it’s been working brilliantly – love it – can’t fault it” or "it’s made me much more responsive to therapists’ orders” and "what a time saver” have been made by the first prescribers to use the new feature.

For more information, call 0844 335 6791 or visit the website HERE