Matrix washbasins from Pressalit Care

Pressalit Care’s new range of Matrix washbasins have been specially designed with style, most importantly they offer features to help with the practicalities of independent use, with integrated support handles, a shallow bowl for wheelchair access and easy reach of the tap.

With more people wanting to stay in their home for as long as possible before considering a care or nursing home, the bathroom is often one of the first rooms to be adapted. The importance of a well fitted bathroom cannot be underestimated, not just from the practical perspective, but importantly to maintain self- esteem.

So Pressalit Care takes its responsibilities very seriously. With over thirty five years of designing bathrooms for care homes, hospitals and institutions where practicality is a pre-requisite, it makes sense that every tiniest detail has been taken care of in this new range for the home.

Every aspect has been considered and tested from material, surface, design and function.

There are four styles in the new Matrix range:

Matrix Small is a narrow washbasin with two rounded integrated handrails cast into the marble bowl which can be used either for support, or as a towel rail. The shallow bowl leaves sufficient space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre, and as well as being installed in a fixed position, greater flexibility can be chosen with the Matrix Small by using it with Pressalit Care’s range of Select basin brackets. These allow the basin to be adjusted vertically by a height of 300mm, either by an electronic lever or wired hand control.

A wider vanity basin designed for rooms with more space, the elegant Matrix Large has its integrated handrails at both the front and sides. The elegant, shallow basin allows wheelchair users to position themselves close for comfort and within easy reach of the tap.

For a corner installation, the Matrix Angle is an attractive curved vanity washbasin also with integrated handrails. The curved front edge provides maximum freedom of movement around the washbasin for both users and helpers. Its special shape makes it ideal for installation in a corner, with right or left facing versions available. The extra-long handrails make it possible for wheelchair users to move around horizontally and rise to a standing position with maximum safety and support.

Finally, the Matrix Curve has a more traditional soft shape, without handrails and is ideal for situations where consideration must be given to space.

The Pressalit Care Matrix washbasins are available with a range of accessories, including taps, modular shelves and baskets, and can be used alongside Pressalit Care’s extensive range of grab rails and support arms.

More information and stockists for Pressalit Care’s range of Matrix washbasins, go HERE