First fully waterproof knee and ankle orthosis from Ottobock

Ottobock has launched the ultra-lightweight Aqualine, the first fully waterproof Knee Ankle and Foot Orthosis (KAFO). The orthosis is built with the waterproof version of a unique new material CarbonIQ, a high-performance synthetic material reinforced with carbon-fibre. Its durability and resistance to corrosion caused by chlorine or salt water will enable users to take part in water sports and other active outdoor pursuits to improve enjoyment and quality of life.

Suitable for a broad range of patients, Aqualine has been developed specifically for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and on the beach, as well as for use in other leisure activities such as the gym. The fully-serviceable design is suitable for patients weighing up to 100kg, is comparable with metal joints in terms of endurance and features multiple configurations from one joint. In addition, the Aqualine can be easily cleaned and dried by users, and has minimal skin contact making the orthosis hygienic to use.

"The new Aqualine has been created with user ease in mind. With the summer months approaching its ultra-lightweight design with minimal skin contact makes it very comfortable to wear around the pool or on the beach,” said Phil Yates, Managing Director at Ottobock Healthcare. "Orthotic users often find it frustrating that they have to take off their orthosis when around water in fear of getting it wet, causing corrosion and slipping. The innovative design of Aqualine means it can be used for a range of wet activities. The products are fully cleanable and easy to dry, an important feature for orthotic users.”

Additional design features:

· For use with 20mm system bars

· Concealed lock with a pull-release cable for safety

· Ankle joint allows for nine different adjustment options

· Sinter powder-coated splint for increased quality and wear resistance

· ThermoLyn used for excellent antibacterial properties

Orthotists and orthopaedic technicians have the option to either manufacture the Aqualine system themselves, or outsource it to Ottobock’s Service Fabrication department.

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