Shoe retailer and podiatry practice reopens with extra room to expand ranges

Shoe retailer and podiatry practice, Shuropody, has moved its shop to a more spacious store just a few doors down from its previous location in Ilford.

Due to the extra space, the new store stocks a larger range of shoes, insoles and other foot care products and runs an extra clinic to treat foot health issues such as corns, calluses, cracked heels, ingrown nails.

Offering assessments on the way people walk, Shuropody provides a biomechanical assessment to find out the cause of back, knee, hip and foot pain to provide customers with the right solution to make walking easier whether it is an insole or custom-made orthotics.

Head of Podiatry, Ruby Kallah, said: "Our lease was coming to an end and we didn’t want to leave Ilford.

"The long-standing team have all stayed on so there will be familiar faces when you visit.”

Coming in a range of materials and styles, Shuropody offers a range of podiatrist-approved shoes including OrthoSole, Sand-piper and its own range FreedomFit.

Ruby continued: "Many people struggle to get an appointment on the NHS, but Shuropody can often see you within a week and treat you the same day.

"Sometimes we may need to refer patients onto GPs for things like infections, but at least then you have been reassured that it isn’t a wasted visit.”

Ruby also added that the staff are welcoming both new and old patients.

Shuropody reopened on 5th May and was attended by the Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Linda Huggett, who cut the ribbon.

To find out more the website is HERE