Retailer offers the ultimate home test drive

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dependable Mobility is looking to stand out from the crowd with the introduction of what it describes as the ‘ultimate free home test drive’.

Customers can try out a scooter for 24-hours, meaning that they can take their time when making a decision to buy.

Paul Cookney of Dependable told THIIS that the new promotion is designed to raise awareness locally and compete in the marketplace.

"We’ve decided to offer this extended test period to give ourselves an edge and help us to compete with the big boys and online competitors. The 24-hour test drive will allow people looking to buy from us the opportunity to get to know and understand the product they have chosen and also the freedom that it can give them.”

"We are looking to stand out from our competitors and also put the customer in control with the try before they buy, with no pressure put on them to sign on the dotted line. We have always made sure that we don’t put people under pressure to buy something and this new promotion goes even further, giving them all the time they need to make the right choice.”

Paul gives an example of how the longer test period has already worked for them. "We had a call from someone who said that their dad reckoned that he could lift a scooter into a car boot, however, they didn’t think he would be able to manage. We dropped off our lightest scooter for them at 10am the next morning. By 3pm, they had decided that it was the right product for them and they made a purchase.”

"By taking the time to think through the process with the product in their hands, they got to experience properly what using the product would be like.”

Paul says that there’s no catch, they drop off the product and give the customer the usual demonstration to make sure that they know how to use it properly and then leave them to it. "We collect it at a prearranged time and there is absolutely no catch; if the customer doesn’t want to buy, then that’s fine. We are confident though, that this approach will gain us more sales than we lose and will enable our customers to feel very confident that they are buying the right product for themselves.

To contact the retailer, call 0191 649 8733. The website is HERE