Progeo talks market changes, innovation and region-specific UK dealers

Italian-based wheelchair manufacturer Progeo has highlighted how a shift in customers' expectations and an increasing availability of advanced materials is driving a demand for innovation internationally.

Marco Nosella, Export Manager for Progeo, told THIIS how the wheelchair market was a lot different in 1995 when the company was founded in Treviso near Venice, with a limited number of manufacturers developing products with the aim of reducing prices.

Formed by industry experts Gianfranco Pivato and Luciano Nosella, the two - both wheelchair users themselves - combined their technical knowledge to design wheelchairs that focused on quality and design over price.

"The research and development department and the design division are indeed the company’s beating heart,” said Marco.

"Today, thanks to innovative materials and to the use of the latest technologies (in particular with carbon-fibre), Progeo excels in this particular market, a niche that is more and more distinguished and demanding in its choices.”

It is these new materials that Marco says is allowing companies such as Progeo to accelerate innovation in the market.

"We have had a lot of innovation in the last five years, in particular thanks to the new materials introduced to reduce the weight of wheelchairs. This means more customers are looking for active wheelchairs that are light and easy to carry in and out of the car and possibly made to measure,” he commented.

"These are exactly the strength points of the Progeo wheelchairs.”

The company says today it represents the cream of the sector’s international production and is seeing growing interest in its premium ranges of wheelchairs worldwide.

Marco confirmed that the company sells its chairs in more than 20 different counties, with the most successful markets being in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, UK, Canada, Australia, Colombia and New Zealand.

Discussing why Progeo has seen success in these markets, Marco said: "The common success factor of these markets for us is the customer. We are strong in the countries where customers require lightweight, stylish and high-quality wheelchairs.

"Basically, we are strong in the countries where the customers understand the positive effects in their daily life of a lightweight and made to measure wheelchair.”

Entering the UK last year, Progeo is already working with a number of UK and EIRE dealers and has seen considerable growth in a relatively short period of time.

Marco says the company has been careful in its selection of retailers, ensuring each company it works with in its network has its own area, however, notes that there are still regions Progeo is looking for dealers to work with.

"There are still many areas we do not have enough coverage, like around Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, as well as in the South-East. In these areas we are still looking for new dealers to join us. If you a dealer is looking to start a cooperation with us, please”

With plans of continuing to be innovative in a market that the company deems is designing products as simple support devices, Progeo believes the trend to more high-quality, made-to-measure designs expressing a user’s personality will continue to grow.

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