NRS growth with focus on people, products and the power of digital

NRS Healthcare has seen incredible growth over the last two years, as owners and directors alike have led an initiative to invest in three key areas: people, products and the ever-changing landscape of digital content.

The latter has been a particularly interesting challenge for the company as digital trends and tools continue to evolve, making it vital for companies to stay relevant and engaging.

THIIS spoke with NRS Healthcare’s Digital Content Manager Lexi Lomas, a driving force behind the company’s numerous digital media campaigns, to find out how important investing in these areas has been for the company’s success.

Power of digital: National coverage

Arguably one of the most digitally active companies in the industry, Lexi explained that her appointment was symbolic of NRS Healthcare’s commitment to growing its various online channels and that the results have been impressive.

One of the company’s more recent digital campaigns featured a guide on the often-unspoken subject of male incontinence, raising awareness of the topic during World Continence Week 2017 (19th-25th June).

The informative and interactive guide included tips on dealing with incontinence, products that help make the condition more discreet and advice on how to confront the excuses made for not seeking help from a healthcare professional.

Impressively, the campaign grabbed the attention of the national press and was promoted on The Daily Express’ official website, considerably increasing the company’s reach and effectively raising awareness of male incontinence products.

Discussing the results, Lexi explained: "We saw a steep increase in visits to the retail website and a visible uplift in sales. Not only that, the useful information contained within the guide was engaged with and shared many times on social media. This really helped anchor NRS Healthcare’s reputation as a professional leader within the industry of daily living aids; gaining the trust of new and existing customers.”

People: Investing in the right staff

One of the most significant investments at NRS Healthcare has come via the appointment of David Straughan as Managing Director of National Care.

"The appointment demonstrates a focus on bringing in renowned professionals to further bolster our already strong team and highlights that NRS is not standing still in its aim to continually improve overall operation,” commented Lexi.

Previously holding the position of Managing Director of Logistic Services for G4S, David was responsible for G4S Patient Transport – an area he grew from a turnover of £12M to £60M over a two-year period.

Having previously worked with a number of NHS customers, David is responsible for the ICES contracts, stand-alone Service and Maintenance contracts and approved repairer Wheelchair contracts at the company, as well as being an integral part of NRS Healthcare’s leadership team.

Another area of the business to see a significant investment is Occupational Therapy.

Lexi explained: "One of the major plus points to buying through NRS Healthcare is that customers have the opportunity to seek advice and information from our qualified occupational therapists – ensuring they buy the right product to suit their individual needs.”

Rachel Seabrook, Clinical Lead at NRS Healthcare, explained why it’s been so important for the company to invest in more occupational therapists.

"The number of calls our occupational therapists receive on a daily basis has grown astronomically over the last 2 years, with many calls made by customers who are looking for expert advice about the products which would best suit their needs.

"We now have a strong team of 26 occupational therapists spread across 11 locations in the UK, who are available to provide excellent customer service through giving sound guidance and information – something we know our customers desire.”

As well as newly appointed staff, NRS Healthcare also continues to support and invest in its current employees, giving credit to those who go above and beyond their duties.

This includes 28-year-old van driver Liam Richards, who recently saved a customer’s life in Egerton, Kent after he heard her cries for help when delivering some equipment to her front door. Liam entered the property to find the lady had fallen over and was unable to get back up. After attending to a wound on her face and calling for an ambulance, he informed the lady’s family who arrived shortly afterwards. Some days after the accident, the woman’s granddaughter sent an email of thanks to the NRS Healthcare depot in Kent and revealed the true extent of Liam’s actions.

"It turns out upon arrival at the hospital that nan was suffering from Sepsis again and if your driver hadn't called the ambulance and gotten her to hospital the outcome may have been very different. So, in no uncertain terms this guy saved my nans life. A huge thank you and I hope you can pass this message on for me and my family.”

To honour Liam’s actions, Sharron Nevins, Service Manager at the company’s depot in Kent, presented Liam with an official letter of thanks from the board at NRS Healthcare, as well as £50 in leisure vouchers.
Lexi also shared the story of the life-saving delivery driver across the business’ social media accounts, resulting in a wave of support from individuals and businesses across the healthcare sector and beyond for his heroic actions.

Products: Innovation to strengthen the future

Over the last 12 months, the NRS Healthcare New Product Development (NPD) team has been focused on delivering new and improved products, using extensive feedback from healthcare professionals, carers and end-users to drive product development.

Lexi commented: "A great example is our recently launched Seahorse Plus, a development of our highly successful and award-winning Seahorse Sanichair. Designed following extensive feedback from healthcare professionals, carers and end users alike, this improved Toileting and Shower chair comes in a range of sizes, enabling the product to grow with and adapt to the complex needs of the child using it.”

Another innovation that the company’s NPD has recently launched is the NRS Healthcare Combi-Grabber – an update on the Combi-Reacher.

Discussing the improved Combi-Grabber, Lexi added: "So far, the product has received fantastic feedback and resonated with both Amazon UK customers, YouTube Reviewers and even Facebook fans who have been given the opportunity to win a Combi-Grabber to help them live independently at home.”

Steve Kennedy, Commercial Director at NRS Healthcare, is excited about the future of the company.

"NRS constantly challenges itself to become better at what it currently offers to all its customers and to provide new and innovative ways of delivering products and services,” said Steve.

"The needs and wants of our ageing population is constantly changing and our customers’ desire to live life to the fullest is the catalyst which drives us to constantly improve, in order to meet these demands.”

The website for the company is HERE