Mobility company management face sentencing after aggressive selling tactics

Directors Geoffrey and Jacqueline Turner. Source: Peterborough Telegraph

Senior management and staff at Peterborough firm Life Comfort Products have admitted to using aggressive sales techniques to elderly residents with mobility issues at Peterborough Crown Court. Six members of staff, as well as the firm itself, will be sentenced at the Court on Monday, January 8th 2018.

The family firm, which manufactures and supplies specialist rise and return chairs and adjustable beds, was found guilty of a variety of shady selling practices, including providing false information regarding where the chairs were built.

Directors Geoffrey and Jacqueline Turner are amongst the six to be sentenced, with the pair confessing to training canvassers to use a script designed to put customers under pressure to agree to a demonstration.

It was also reported that sales staff cold called properties with no cold calling stickers present, calling in disruptive times such as mealtimes, as well as making appointments when asked not to.

Also, to be sentenced are senior officers Tim Clark and David Turner and employees Joel Henry and Brendan Donahue.

According to reports in the Peterborough Telegraph, Clarke admitted targeting addresses clearly identifiable as being elderly residents’ homes and instructing staff to ignore no cold calling zones whilst David Turner confessed to price conditioning beds - quoting a high price for a bed for a customer and then offering it for considerably less if ordered on the same day.

Henry admitted spending two and a half hours demonstrating a product to an elderly customer who informed him she suffered from dementia and Donahue pleaded guilty to filling out cheques for customers who physically were unable to do it themselves, as well as misleading individuals regarding the medical benefits of the products.

Another six members of staff - Michael Dodd, Stephen Millward, Sally Shepherd, James Puttrell, Michael Driscoll and Mohammed Hure – also appeared in court, accepting cautions for offences surrounding sales.