Mobility and homecare industry figure takes to the airways

Angus Long, Founder of homecare marketing consultancy Impression Marketing, is to co-host the ‘Doc Anand’ radio show on Spice FM and is inviting THIIS readers in the North East to come onto the show as a guest.

Airing every Wednesday between 12:00 noon and 1 pm, Doc Anand is a retired GP who, after giving up his practice, now presents a number of radio shows and is also involved in film and video production.

Discussing his new role on radio, Angus told THIIS: "The Doc is also a keen advocate of homecare and health issues are regularly discussed on his shows. THIIS readers may be familiar with some of the products he has endorsed on a professional basis, such as the Nomad off-road wheelchair range, the Happylegs waking machine and the B-Warm heated seat cover.

"When the Doc asked me to co-host the show I was naturally delighted. The great thing about working with the Doc is the unpredictability of the direction the show can go. While we have a reasonable idea what we want to do, there is no real structure. As such, we tend to just take things as they go and it’s very laid back and relaxed. Generally, we spend the time talking and debating topical subjects with a wide remit.”

Broadcasting on the Tyneside airways, Spice FM is a vibrant radio station catering for a wide variety of musical and programme tastes for people in the North East region, as well as broadcast online and across social media platforms.

Angus also explained that the show will provide an opportunity for individuals from industry to also make guest appearances and reach the show’s audience.

"We will be inviting, too, selected guests from the business community to give them the opportunity to talk about who they are and naturally get the chance to promote any products, offers or services they have. It's a fun show, but be warned, neither the Doc nor I practice political correctness and neither of us will shy away for straight talking,” confirmed Angus.

The radio show comes not long after Angus secured his own column for the Journal, a premier regional newspaper for the North East of England, which is part of the Trinity Mirror group that publishes many newspapers including the Daily & Sunday Mirror and The People.

"My column will feature on the first Thursday of every month and I have pretty much free reign on the subject matter,” explained Angus.

"Readers can expect an eclectic mix of impish comment that will hopefully entertain, inform and agitate in equal measures.

"Joking apart, as someone who is a great believer in the benefits of public relations, I would often seek to get airtime on radio and TV stations and newspapers for myself and my clients. So, naturally, having my own radio programme and newspaper column affords me, from a business perspective, some excellent opportunities and contacts in the media to help my clients with their own marketing and PR output.”

To find out more, visit the company’s website HERE