Invacare launches innovative touchscreen control technology

Invacare’s new LiNX control technology is set to give powerchair customers higher performance and retailers in-depth diagnostic information.

The new range is the first to bring touchscreen remote technology to powered wheelchairs, with 3.5” LCD displays, Bluetooth connectivity and wireless programming.

The insight-inspired control system is able to learn and adapt to a driver’s habits, providing consistent high performance over the lifetime of a powerchair, according to the company.

Importantly for dealers, the new controls also feature wireless programming, reducing assessment and handover times with a quick and simple set-up. Adjustments can be made to the driving set-up wirelessly via Bluetooth, even whilst the chair is in use, providing real-time feedback.

Dealers will also be able to have complete visibility of a powerchair’s performance data such as usage, fault history, battery charging patterns, suggested remedies and more via a MyLiNX web portal and app, a cloud-based portal providing access to diagnostic data from every LiNX powerchair.

Through the app, customers will also be able to check the health status of a powerchair, using Bluetooth to connect the LiNX control to a smart device. The app will show remaining battery charge, drive time, faults and possible solutions.

Invacare has confirmed that LiNX is compatible with an extensive range of specialist controls, both proportional and non-proportional, offering solutions for more complex mobility requirements.

For more details, visit the LiNX microsite HERE