Innovative prosthesis carves out a spot on BBC Click

Emma Gillespie and Kathleen Hawkins on the slopes

Dorset Orthopaedic and Ottobock have featured in an episode of the BBC’s flagship sports technology programme, BBC Click, focusing on the technology behind the upcoming 2018 Winter Paralympics, including the new ProCarve.

BBC Click reporter and double below-knee amputee Kathleen Hawkins had the chance to try out ski and snowboarding prosthesis, the Ottobock ProCarve, which helps Paralympic skiers and snowboarders compete at the highest level.

The programme follows Kathleen during a fitting with Dorset Orthopaedic Clinic Prosthetist Kevin Shaw, who explained the unique advantages of the ProCarve for snowboarders before she took to the slopes with Ottobock’s Head of Prosthetics, Emma Gillespie to try out the ProCarve.

Kathleen commented: "Getting to try out the ProCarve feet for BBC Click was such a fun and interesting experience. I’ve snowboarded (badly) in the past and it was great to feel a different sensation on the snow and think about the independence these feet could give to amputees wanting to get on the slopes with confidence. It’s the best aspect of technology for me. Now I just need to save my pennies.”

The ProCarve can fit into a snowboarding boot and has a pneumatic spring and a large, air-filled cylinder at the ankle joint that acts as a shock absorber. As well as increasing the rider’s comfort, this also contributes to a better body position whilst boarding, with the air pressure inside the cylinder being able to be tailored to suit the individual’s riding style and type of terrain.

Kevin Shaw fits  Procarve at Dorset Orthopaedic Ringwood Clinic

"I hope that this programme will give people some insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes to help para-athletes at every level to perform at their best, from fitting and alignment to making sure you have a good socket,” added Dorset Orthopaedic Kevin, who has over 30 years’ experience in prosthetics.

Emma added: "This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the kind of product that can help someone achieve their dreams, whether that’s to be a Paralympian or just get out on the slopes for a few hours. This is exactly why Ottobock are constantly investing in research and development, to be at the cutting edge of prosthetic technology used for sports and everyday life.”

In addition to creating specialist winter sports prostheses such as the ProCarve, Ottobock is the Official Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Service Provider for the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

These Paralympic Winter Games will be the biggest to date, with 80 medal events in six sports from Para alpine skiing and Para biathlon to Para cross-country skiing, Para snowboard and Wheelchair curling.

With 670 athletes from 42 nations expected to compete, Ottobock technicians will be busy repairing wheelchairs, sit-skis, and any other equipment athlete or members of the Paralympic Family rely on for competition and everyday life.

The show is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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