Cyclone Mobility rolls out Loopwheels range

Cyclone Mobility are now stocking Loopwheels’ range of innovative, suspension wheels.

The North-West importer, distributor and retailer started in 1989 by Stuart Dunne following a serious road traffic accident in 1985 which left him needing a wheelchair. Determined to not let the event stop life in its tracks, Stuart began designing his own range of wheelchairs until 2014.

The company now sells a wide range of innovative mobility and rehabilitation solutions, focusing firmly on the prestige end of the market, with Loopwheels being the latest addition to the Cyclone’s range.

Stuart Dunne, MD for Cyclone Mobility, told THIIS: "We had to make a choice as to which suspension wheel was the best so over a two-year period we analysed the products available and eventually came to a conclusion that Loopwheels without question fits perfectly with the Cyclone philosophy.”

Started in 2015 by Sam and Gemma Pearce, Loopwheels are durable wheels with integral suspension that uses carbon composite springs instead of traditional spokes to absorb the vibration and shocks encountered on rough and uneven surfaces. The Nottinghamshire-based company now exports to various countries across the world, including USA, Australia, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand, as well as working with domestic dealers as well.

To find out more about Cyclone Mobility, visit the website HERE