CTSI releases guide applying to second-hand scooter sales

A new guide aimed at used car traders by Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is also applicable to the sale of second-hand scooters confirmed the Institute.

Trading standards experts published a video guide aimed at used car traders to ensure consumers & businesses are protected under the Consumer Rights Act and Lead Officers at the CTSI told THIIS that the guide is also applicable to the sale of second-hand scooters.

Highlighting a common consumer complaint in the car industry, the guide focuses on what should happen if a second-hand vehicle develops a fault within the first 30-days of being sold by a dealer.

In this event, the guide suggests consumers are entitled to reject the vehicle for a full refund if it is not of a satisfactory quality.

According to the guide, the general rule of satisfactory quality is that the scooter should be of a reasonable standard, taking price, description and fitness for purpose into account. Also, the scooter’s safety, appearance, how long it lasts in normal use and whether it is free from minor faults also decide if it is of satisfactory quality.

Adrian Simpson, CTSI’s business education and consumer codes expert, said: "Traders must consider the condition of vehicles they sell and be prepared to rectify any issues that arise from sub-standard quality. Our latest video is designed as a quick reference guide, and an invitation to access Business Companion’s extensive and free resources.”

Notices such as ‘trade sale’ and ‘sold as seen’ are also determined to be illegal in consumer transactions according to the guide.

More information and the full-guide can be found on the government-backed Business Companion website, produced by the CTSI, designed to help businesses understand consumer law.

To find out more, visit the website HERE