Clever campaign from The Unlimited Company

One of the tricks that clever companies use to get their PR noticed is to plan a promotion around an event – the larger the better.

The Unlimited Company has done just that, by creating an advice article aimed to promote a number of the smaller products in the range in its 15 stores.

The ‘Top tips for injured athletes’ article is targeted at anyone being inspired by the World Para Athletic Championships, a lapsed athlete or those just looking to get fit. The company has created some top tips for those with an injury, to help them stay safe.

Here are the tips the company are using, along with the products they are promoting…

1.Protect your knees

If you have long-term ligament damage or even a minor injury, protecting knees from further wear-and-tear is a must. Designed to boost flexibility and movement for even the most demanding athletes, the Thermoskin Knee Support (£22.80) from The Unlimited Company has an innovative three-piece anatomic design, providing extra support over the knee patella for increased protection against sprains and strains.

2.Stretch it out

Essential for stretching, the Foam Roller (stability roller) helps improve your stability, perfect for developing core strength and balance training. Used in a wide range of fitness activities such as Pilates and yoga, as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, these hard wearing Foam Rollers (£31.20) from The Unlimited Company are ideal for home or gym use.

3.Watch your back

Back pain is common, with nine out of ten adults experiencing it at some point in their lives (, therefore it is crucial to minimise any further aggravation when playing sports. The Thermoskin Standard Back Support (£42) from The Unlimited Company provides protection, heat and light compression to support muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunctions, as well as temporary relief from pain and soreness associated with sports injuries, arthritis and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

4.Tape it together

Designed for easy application and increased comfort to provide support and stability for muscles, joints and tendons without limiting the range of motion. StrengthTape (from £10.21) is available from The Unlimited Company in 5m pre-cut rolls or kits of pre-cut strips for the foot & ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow & wrist, back & neck and thigh.

5.Wrap it up

Inflammation of the wrist is often caused by repetitive strain injury from overuse. Whether you are suffering from tendonitis, sprains or carpal tunnel syndrome, The Thermoskin Standard Wrist/Hand (£18.86) provides light but firm compression to counteract tissue swelling, ensuring your forearm and wrist are well supported when on the sports field or in the gym.

The 15 existing stores are in Andover, Bicester, Blackburn, Bristol, Burnham, Droitwich, Kenilworth, Northfield, Norwich, Radstock, Sutton Coldfield, Telford, Willenhall , Wrexham and Wolverhampton.

The Unlimited Company is part of Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading health cash plans, dental payment and pet health plans.