Charity’s chairman to step down due to ill health

Peter Cousins MBE, founder and chairman of Brighter Future Workshop, is to step down over the next few months due to ill health.

Based in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, Peter opened the charity in 2005 which trains young people with disabilities as well as services and repairs new or recycled mobility equipment.

The charity also allows trainees to learn skills in mechanical and electronic engineering as well as gain AQA accreditation.

Peter said: "I am saddened to do this but I do not want my health to have a detrimental effect on the long-term future of Brighter Future Workshop. Now at 70 I believe this is the right time for me to stepdown.”

According to the charity, it increases access to affordable mobility equipment for people from economically-deprived communities through the recycling and repair of donated/disused equipment.

Peter continued: "I am looking for a competent, dynamic person to take over my role and continue to develop Brighter Future Workshop; or we can also explore possibilities of either Brighter Future being taken over by or merging with another charity.

"Any constructive ideas are up for consideration to ensure the long-term continuity of Brighter Future to help people with disabilities through training, sales, service, repair or recycling of mobility equipment.”

Since its establishment, the charity has won numerous awards including a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development, Best Social Enterprise England and The Big Society Award.

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