BREAKING: Mobility Choices enters liquidation

Following a meeting of its shareholders held in early April, Manchester-based retailer Mobility Choices has passed a resolution to voluntarily wind up the business.

At a general meeting of Mobility Choices held in Bury, Greater Manchester on the 4th of April 2018, the company’s shareholders passed a special resolution stating the company would be voluntarily wound up.

Robert Davies, Managing Director of Mobility Choices, in a statement said: "That it has been proved to the satisfaction of this meeting that the company cannot by reason of its liabilities continue its business and that it is advisable to wind up the same and accordingly that the company be wound up voluntarily.”

A creditors’ voluntary liquidation is a process whereby the company's directors choose to voluntarily bring the business to an end by appointing a liquidator to liquidate all of the company’s assets.

Manubhai Govindbhai Mistry (IP no. 7787) and Hemal Mistry (10770) of Horsfields, Belgrave Place, Bury, have been appointed joint liquidators for the purpose of winding up the company.

Operating from its store in Denton, Manchester, since 2008, Mobility Choices closed its doors in early March 2018, along with its website and phone lines. The move came only four months after acquiring Flexyfoot, a walking aid manufacturer.

It is unknown what the outcome will be for the Flexyfoot brand.

THIIS is still awaiting comment from Mobility Choices’ MD Rob Davies regarding the closure of the company, which was also the UKdistributor for Ossenberg crutches.

To contact the joint liquidators, call 0161 763 3183 or email