Are retailers unknowingly exposing employees to risks?

A specialist provider of Compliance, Technical, and Safety training has warned retailers that their employees could be exposed to risk in confined spaces without realising it. 

Develop Training Limited (DTL), which is currently delivering confined spaces training to staff in a London department store, says many other retailers should also consider the issue.

Chris Wood, CEO for DTL, explained: "Confined spaces are a well-understood risk in industries such as shipbuilding and mining, but the dangers are more prevalent than is generally realised. Many retailers will have confined spaces in their stores, from lift shafts to basement box rooms, and while most will be low risk, managers are legally required to ensure people working in such conditions are properly trained.”

"Our client is proactively safeguarding the welfare of their learners through the delivery of this training," said Daryll Garavan, DTL Delivery Manager for Confined Spaces, Water and Environmental. "We hope other retailers will take note. Anyone in any industry can be exposed to working in a confined space without even realising it, and it’s important operatives know the dangers so they can properly manage the risks."

DTL has developed a flexible training package for retailers across the UK to minimise staff downtime and disruption during opening hours and features a dedicated confined spaces training facility at its Derby headquarters, as well as a mobile unit able to visit retailers across the UK.

The organisation offers a one-day course covering areas including understanding the risks associated with entering a confined space and the relevant legislation, awareness of the procedures for entering a confined space and the equipment and systems required to do so safely.

To minimise disruption at the store, DTL is adopting a flexible delivery method that includes some out of hours training.

DTL has published a whitepaper examining the risks of confined spaces and how to mitigate them, which is available to download free.

To find out more about the company, visit the website HERE