Ableworld's MD takes back buying control

Following the recent departure of Ableworld's Senior Buying Manager, Mike Williams, Managing Director of the UK's largest national mobility retailer, is to take control of the Buying role.

Convinced that changes to ranges and packaging, as well as store category reviews, need to take place far quicker than they had been previously, Mike believes 2018 will be an important year for refreshing and upgrading Ableworld's range of products.

"We have always prided ourselves on having a very wide range of quality products to meet the increasing needs of our customers and I am determined that we stay ahead of the curve as we continue to grow,” commented Mike.

To help successfully undertake this task, Ableworld intends to strengthen the company's Buying team, with the first step being to promote Tony Leavy, Manager of Ableworld’ s Northwich store, to work with Mike.

"Tony is one of our Senior and most successful Store Managers and will understand a lot of the issues at the store level," explained Mike. 

"We have also recently taken on an experienced administrator in Fiona Davidson to improve communication and control between the Buying Department and the stores. Fiona will also work with Neil Cox, our Finance Director, to introduce a new EPOS and CRM system into the company which will be important as we expand further.”

Mike also invites suppliers to help him, saying "it’s going to be another interesting year for Ableworld and we welcome all suppliers (old and new) to come up with ideas and ranges to enhance our offer.”

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