5000th WAV milestone reached by Brotherwood

UK Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle specialists Brotherwood have reached a historic milestone, converting and supplying their 5000th new WAV to a client in the summer of 2017.

The Obsidian black Mercedes-Benz V-Class with Brotherwood’s unique ‘Klastar’ lowered floor conversion was delivered to the Wilkinson family, who are now able to enjoy comfortable journeys in and around their hometown of Southampton and further afield.

The Brotherwood conversion enables daughter Sophie to travel inclusively as part of the family, whilst seated in her bespoke wheelchair.

Brotherwood have been engineering wheelchair vehicle conversions since 1985, with the Mercedes-Benz V-Class ‘Klastar’ being the latest addition to their range.

Mr Wilkinson, the new owner of the 5000th vehicle, commented:"I have to say I have been impressed with the handover and quality of the vehicle. The ride comfort for our daughter is vastly improved over our previous vehicle as well is her view of the journey. The attention to detail is second to none, from the USB ports we requested to the AC/DC converter stored in a place which effectively conceals it.

According to the company, it has been comprehensively adapted to the needs of the wheelchair user in mind, featuring a custom-made flat level lowered floor creating a spacious and comfortable travelling position.

The lowered floor also creates visibility for the wheelchair user to see out of the windows and windscreen, with an ample 57 inches of internal headroom enough for taller wheelchair users to enjoy.

"Driving it is extremely comfortable and my view of Sophie does not inhibit my rear view whilst keeping an eye on her.I have to say the ‘bling’ factor is something Sophie enjoys particularly after it is cleaned and the red stripe was a great idea of mine!" added Mr Wilkinson.

Lowering the floor of the V-Class also offers a more comfortable ride for the wheelchair user – as their centre of gravity is lowered, the sensation of ‘body roll’ is reduced as the vehicle corners.

Importantly, the conversion allows for the wheelchair user to sit in a central wheelchair location next to two other second-row passengers on full-size seats, and close enough to the front seats for a truly inclusive travelling experience and is not isolated or uncomfortable in the boot of the vehicle.

Once positioned centrally within the vehicle, the wheelchair is safely restrained with the aid of another Brotherwood innovation – the STORQ system which automatically adds tension to the wheelchair restraints for a safe, secure and stable ride for the wheelchair user, without the hassle of adjusting complicated restraint belts.

Wheelchair access is made easy by the powered rear ramp, which is operated by remote control, and features a shallow approach angle and high-traction surface for easy loading of powered and manual wheelchairs alike.

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