5 reasons using a recruitment agency could be the right move

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Recruiting the next star employee can sometimes be a costly minefield for companies, with time and money often being casualties. Antony Elkington, Managing Director of Trusted Recruiter, explains how recruitment agencies can help businesses navigate the recruitment process safely and effectively.

5 reasons using a recruitment agency could be the right move

#1: Time is money

Recruiting can be a costly process and sometimes, the most expensive cost is time. A recruitment agency can help save time by taking care of the beginning steps of the hiring process. There is a risk when advertising a single position that a company may get inundated with applications that may not be qualified or right for the role. Sifting through countless applicants to find someone that is industry experienced and ready to interview can really eat up hours and can prove costly, especially if it is a role that needs filling quickly. A recruitment agency is able to find these ideal applicants and importantly, are able to seek out potential candidates who may not be actively job hunting.

#2: Access the best

As previously mentioned, in addition to sorting through submitted applications, a recruitment agency will have access to hard to reach talent, including individuals who may only be registered with that specific agency. Recruitment agencies are able to work discreetly with qualified individuals who may be concerned about their employer learning that they are interested in other roles. This can particularly be the case in a niche, specialised industry. Working with a recruitment agency means gaining access to that agencies own database of talented and difficult to reach applicants.

#3: The bottom line

Bringing recruitment in-house will save money, right? That is often the assumption, but sometimes not the case. Spending on advertising a vacancy can prove expensive if posting single, one-off jobs on multiple job boards. Recruitment agencies often have allocations on the top job boards, ensuring jobs are still advertised in the right places. There can be a range of administrative costs when hiring a new employee which also need to be taken into account, such as filtering numerous CVs, holding initial conversations and more. Each one takes time and money.

As expensive as the process can be recruiting a new individual, there is also the risk and substantial cost of getting it wrong and having to restart the process. Most recruitment agencies offer rebate systems, providing businesses with some protection in case this happens.

An agency is also able to help negotiate the best salary, providing guidance on what is fair and appropriate, whilst also providing advice on what might be needed to secure that top candidate that everyone else is after!

#4: Knowing the industry

There are many specialist recruitment agencies out there who offer a point of call for both candidates and employers to connect. Specialist agencies can be particularly beneficial, as those with industry knowledge can better understand the vacancy, competitors and where best to find the right candidates. They will also be familiar with a client's products or services, allowing them to speak comfortably to candidates and make a client's opportunity attractive to those within the industry.

#5: Relationship

Developing a good relationship with a recruitment agency can help future hiring go smoothly for a company. The better an agency knows a company, the better it will understand what qualities are needed by a candidate to fit that organisation. A company may even wish to be kept up to date with available candidates that fit the business and a good relationship may mean regular updates on hot candidates in the marketplace. This also means the next time the client has an available position, it can be filled quickly and satisfactorily.

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