Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of news does THIIS carry?

A wide variety of news including new products, new people, new companies, new media, new ways to sell and market products, take-overs, company failures and much more. In short, the type of news that any progressive company looking to develop in the homecare marketplace would want and need to know.  The magazine also includes special offers for retailers.
 Can we send our own news to THIIS?
Of course. THIIS will carry news about your company as long as it is genuinely real news that will be of interest to our readers. Because THIIS is read only by the homecare trade, you can make the news as commercial as you like. Many companies have found that an article in THIIS has generated a great deal of business indeed and that applies to whether you are a retailer or supplier.
I have products to promote to retailers.  Is it expensive to advertise in THIIS?
We don't beleive so. 
Considering THIIS is a trade publication and that one phone call from one company that starts to do business with you would almost certainly pay for an advert many times over, maybe it's not surprising that a number of companies use the magazine month in, month out to promote their products to the trade.

Contact us for all the details on costs and publication dates.

I am looking for new team members. Can I find them through THIIS?
Yes you can. THIIS magazine, website and weekly trade email bulletin all carry recruitment advertising and are guaranteed to get your vacancy in front of the people in the industry who can fill it without the need for lengthy training and who can bring years of experience to your business.

They already know the marketplace and know it well, so placing an advert in THIIS makes real sense.

Contact us for more details of costs which start from just £299.00 - a lot cheaper than using a recruitment agency or maybe even using your local press.
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