How to get your products on here

The THIIS website attracts professionals, members of the UK trade and contacts from companies all around the world. We generate 100’s of visits each day from people who have big budgets or who can order products in volumes for retail showrooms.

The THIIS website hasn’t been created to generate ever increasing visitor numbers from a wide audience. For example, although we do almost certainly get some end user visitors, the site is not promoted to this group at all. We are interested only in attracting high quality visitors from three main groups, professionals, the UK trade and worldwide trade and professionals.

Apart from the UK trade (i.e. anyone who makes or sells products) here are examples of the types of professionals who visit us and who have registered to receive special news alerts we send every couple of weeks:

Higher Medical Device Specialist, Commissioner, Manual Handling, Trainer, Strategic Commissioning Manager, OT Development Manager, Service Development Lead, Integrated Operational Manager, Contracts Officer, Private OT, Regional Seating Manager, Community OT, Project/Service Development Manager (TCES), Community Equipment Project Manager, Manual Handling Advisor, Paediatric Physiotherapis, OT Team Manager, Adaptation Officer, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist, OT Aide, Handling Risk Adviser, Infection Control Nurse, AT Project Lead, Strategic Commissioning Manager, Project Manager Complex Aids to Daily Living.

The three visitor audiences for the THIIS website are:

1. Professionals – from OTs to moving & handling specialists, care home operators, wheelchair service managers, loan store managers and many more – we are getting 100’s of visits a day from this group
2. The UK trade – THIIS member retailers and other retail businesses are visiting the site, sometimes daily
3. The worldwide trade. We are getting visitors from all around the world, looking to source products from the UK and for companies to contact to help sell their products in the UK and Europe

For £1 a day Website Partners get…..

1. All their new products on the site. Every entry has telephone and website links.
2. All their new products highlighted in the ‘On The Website’ section of THIIS magazine which is read by retailers, e-commerce businesses, exporters etc.
3. All their latest brochures and catalogues listed in the ‘Literature Rack’ section
4. Stories about products installed or purchased added to the ‘Products In Use’ section
5. Any news they have that is relevant for the trade or professionals working in the homecare industry is listed in the ‘Newroom’ section.
6. The company appears in the ‘Find a Supplier’ section
7. They can choose up to 10 categories to be listed under in that section
8. They can send us up to 20 keywords or phrases to be entered into the search facility in the ‘Find a Supplier’ section

If you would like to have your products on view in front of these three important customer groups every single day, then let us know that you want to become a website partner with us and we will send you details on what we need from you.

Call: 01933 272437 for more information

About Us

"We have noticed a significant increase in enquires every time an article appears online or in THIIS Magazine with a link to our website.”
Teri Carnell, Sales & Marketing Manager, Silvalea Ltd